When you visit our restaurant, you will first notice an unique external façade Goemon style. Then you will go through a dark-blue shop curten(Noren) and greeted by soft jazz music. When you sit at a counter, a fan-shaped tray is in front of you with a white napkin with Goemon logo and a pair of Chopsticks on it.
After you have ordered, a chef dressed in Western-style chef uniform will cook spaghetti in a large cauldron and when cooked scoop it out with a bamboo sieve.
The benefit of an open kitchen, be it in a sushi or tempura restaurant, is that customers can see the chefs in action.
Open kitchens are very popular now but when "Yomenya Goemon"opened in 1976 this was not the case.

"Arita-Yaki" porcelain

Goemon use a porcelain called "Arita-Yaki"
A vivid indigo blue colored, and smooth surfaced porcelain is the certain evidence of "Arita-Yaki"
We offer an original designed porcelain to the pottery of "Arita-Yaki",that is familiar to Japanese people from an Ancient time,you can enjoy meals visually.

Modern Japanese Restaurant "Yomenya Goemon"in sophisticated atmosphere

Large Cauldron

Open Kitchen

"Arita-Yaki" Porcelain

Chopsticks on a Fan-Shaped Tray